Saturday, April 28, 2007


Today Terry's boss and wife very kindly brought me to the embassy-personnel-preferred, most-like-a-US-grocery-store grocery store. All I can say is wow. Although items were not quite as conveniently arranged on the shelves (why mustard had to be in two different aisles, with different foods surrounding them, I will never know) it was pretty amazing. The meats were prepackaged and both the cooler they were in and the store itself were cold enough that they were still cold when we checked out (this was sadly not the case at a different grocery store I tried last week, and we were very sad when it came time to make dinner). There was plenty of parking and it seemed to be free (not sure, we were dropped off and picked up, which made sense given we ended up spending an HOUR at the store). Being a Saturday, it was particularly crazy, so in the future I will probably go during the day after dropping Terry off at work. OK, so I prefer to walk to my grocery store, but for this I will likely make an exception.


Anonymous said...

When you said "Terry's wife and boss", I thought you were talking about the same person (i.e. yourself).


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I mean "Terry's boss and wife".

Michael Zarb said...

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