Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Highlight Reel.

Ok so I have been really bad about updating, but Lynne has been decent. Here is the scoop on what is going on. Shortly after arriving I had one week with my boss to go over everything before he left for 3 weeks of training and left me by myself. So I have been very busy at work between learning as much as I can and making sure everything is done in a timely fashion. We have not had internet at home till now so I could not do the updates in the evening. That is my reason for being behind. Lynne has kept the blog mostly update to date as to what is happening. Here is my quick highlight reel.

  • Found Housing, now the Embassy will need to say yeah or nay.

  • I went paint balling one Saturday afternoon. What a blast. If you have a chance do it.

  • Lynne went to doctor a few weeks ago. Baby is still doing well.

  • Not new but some people don't know. Girls name is determined, boys name is still being debated.

  • Fresh Fruit here kicks ass.

  • Old time butchers are still here (Very cool)

  • The rabbit here is awesome.

  • Fish is surprisingly expensive.

  • Haven't had chance to play tourist because we are looking for housing.

  • I work in an area that is like a dungeon with no windows or sunlight and I realized it does not bother me very much.

  • Everyone has an opinion on where we should live and none of them remotely correlate with our interests.

  • Lots of connection to Pennsylvania (read Lynne's post for all the details). We really kick ass.

  • Our Unaccompanied Air Baggage came on time and nothing was broken. Not sure that means how bad things will be with the rest of our stuff or the car.

That is the big stuff. I will try to consistently post once or twice a week going forward. I make no promises though. Also I will link photo albums of anything interesting that we shot. Below is a link to some photos I took on Sliema's beach.

Pictures From Silema's Beach.