Sunday, April 15, 2007

More Photos

Well it is official! We have been here a month. Things are going along. Yesterday we went to Mdina to see the walled city. Mdina is the old capital of Malta. The city is fully walled of and no cars are allowed in except residents. Very nice city kind of quiet. It is on a bit of a hill so you can see all the way to Valletta and the some. He is a link to the wikipedia site for Mdina if people are interested in learning more.

After walking around the city a bit we came home and went out for dinner. We tried another Indian restaurant. It was not the really good one (as the reviews go) since that one was booked full. We went to another that was near by. It was really not that great but it was ok. Malik's really spoiled us. Today I didn't feel great so we spent the whole day doing nothing.

At work we are still waiting on the housing. The security and maintenance guy did their inspections so at this point we are waiting for the housing board to give a yeah or nay still. Hopefully all will go well. We are really dying to get our house and then our stuff so we can start to feel like we are settled.

One thing Malta has a lot of is cats roaming around. Maybe that is why I don't see many rodents around. Not too many places for them to hide on the island.

Anyway here are some more photos.

Some more photos of Sliema Beach.
Some photos from our trip to Mdina.

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