Tuesday, April 24, 2007


24 April 2007
I forgot to mention in the last post our amazing bus ride. On Sunday when we were on our way home from Valletta there was a festa or protest or something that involves people holding flags and blocking traffic. All the buses were backed up (cars too, actually) for quite a ways up. Our bus driver backed up, swung around the roundabout just outside the bus terminal at about 60 mph, (according to Terry he was within inches of another bus during the about-face) then zoomed up side streets to get us around the blockage and back on track. This guy was impressive.

Also, today was my 16 week visit and it turns out I am having a ... baby. Too early to tell gender, so we are still debating both boy and girl names. I did get to see baby's head moving, and its heart beating, on the ultrasound, and it is the right size for its age so all is good.

For those of you waiting for me to show and to get into my maternity pants ... well you'll be waiting a bit longer. I actually lost about 1 pound since my last visit. Doctor isn't worried, and I am sure it is due to walking everywhere and the ice cream either sucking or costing $10 for a pint. I am sure I'll be showing soon when the ship freight is delivered and the ice cream maker is fired up!