Friday, April 13, 2007

Tomato sauce in Malta

The Maltese want to be European. They will claim to be essentially Italian, although they do admit their language is more similar to Arabic ... and to be honest they are more like the southern part of the Med than the northern part.

I have been craving pasta in tomato sauce practically since I became pregnant, and every time I have ordered this in restaurants here I have been painfully disappointed. The tomato sauce sucks so bad sometimes it was completely inedible. Terry and I had a conversation about how I keep choosing the wrong dish at dinner and we realized it was the tomato sauce. When we have had cream or olive oil based sauces they have been tasty. We can not wait until we get our ship freight with the jars of pasta sauce from home ... mmmmm ... we may also try our hand at homemade sauce, it can't be worse than this. Anyway, it is NOT like being in Italy here. Do not be fooled.