Saturday, April 28, 2007

Draft Day

It is Saturday morning and so far a very lazy day. After getting up I spent most of the morning so far watching the highlights on of last night's games. God I love the Internet. Later today I will going paint balling. I went once before and it was a lot of fun. The little balls actually sting when they hit you. So hopefully I will not get shot up too bad.

After a long day of getting shot we have the draft tonight (day on East Coast). So that means I will not be going too far my computer. I realized last night as I was reading a message board about who the Browns should draft at number 3 that I really love the NFL draft. I will get into why in a minute. I need to rant for a second. I love the NFL style of you draft based on how well you did the season before. I really hate the NHL and NBA style of the ping pong ball lottery. If you are the worst team in the league you should go first and if you win it all you go last. Period. It is so ridiculous that a team can be the worst team and pick 3rd in the draft.

Some may argue that I am just pissed that the Flyers got the second draft pick when they were the worst team. Fair enough argument but I never liked that style. I think it is an idiotic way of doing things. There are few things that the NFL does really well: length of schedule, draft, and salary cap. All the major sports league should more closer to that standard. Obviously a hockey season should not be 16 games but 50-60 would be more then enough with the current playoff schedule. Let not even get into the utterly ridiculous 162 games of the baseball season. 80 games would be more than enough. Maybe then the games in April would not be a total waste since they don't count for anything anyway.

Ok I will move on slightly now. Here is why I really love the draft. Because no matter where you finished last year it time to start anew. There is large pool of young talent that is available to take. Nobody really knows who will be a bust (and someone will). It is a time of hope and anticipation for all fans. You can look a the draft and dream about how good these guys could be. Most of the players taken this year will not see any significant action or play time for a few years. An even smaller amount will ever be stars, but you can always hope. It's so much fun. The format is a bit slow. I tend to come back and forth every half hour to hour and see who was taken and read up more on some of the guys I don't know, but it is really fun none the less. So as I read Browns fans argue back and forth about whether the Browns should draft Quinn I realized that all fans have their teams and everyone is looking towards the new year hoping to see the team improve and win it all. For the record I think the Browns should draft a linemen since what good is franchise quarterback (especially one that folds in games that are not against division 2 teams) if you have no line to protect him. It all starts in the trenches.

Lynne started asking my what I am doing. I explain what I was writing about. Her response is what does this have to do with Malta. The answer is nothing really, but I am in Malta and it is what is on mind. So I will write what I like. Now I will move on to some of the updates.

Monday we are going to the new house. If all the air conditioners are there and all the inventory of the furniture looks correct we are going to sign the lease. At that point we will be moving in withing the next week. I will take some photos once we are in and post them so people can see our crib before they come to visit.

Next Tuesday is Labor day in Malta so the Embassy is closed. I do love the fact that Malta has holidays coming out the whaazooo. I also looks like very likely that I will be going to DC in late May for some training. This means that Lynne is probably not going back to states to get Kirby. I will do this on one of the weekends that I am in the states. Once things are a little more confirmed I will let people know who are in the DC area. I have babbled on enough for now. So more should come later.

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