Tuesday, May 1, 2007

More Photos

Here is the latest update from sunny Malta. Sunday we went with some other people from the embassy for a little hike/walk (depends on your definition of a hike). We went to a bay on the western part of the main island called Gnejna Bay ("Golden Bay"). You can click on the photo to go our online photo gallery. It was a nice little walk along the sea. The wildflowers are really in bloom now and it is very lovely. The weather is still decent - not too hot yet. In the near future we are expecting the heat to really pick up and make these types of walks really difficult to do. Check out the walk on google earth.

Yesterday we went to the house we want to rent for the next two years to check on the progress of the work there and to make sure all of the air conditioners are there. Everything was coming along nicely. With that inspection we signed the lease last night and have a current projected move in date of Friday May 4th. We will see how that works out for sure but hopefully next week I will have photos of the new house to show. Here is where the Attard house is on google earth

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Anonymous said...

What? Moving on May 4? But that's opening day for Spider-Man 3! Guess that means you won't join us for the midnight show, eh?