Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Another day off

Because Malta is full of holidays, we had another day off today. May 1 is Labour Day here. We celebrated by taking another walk, this time close to our "home" in Sliema. We started at the water park and walked along the coast toward an old watchtower. Terry of course took lots of photos of the water and rocks and flowers we saw along the way. One thing we have noticed is that there are many flowers and plants that are similar to the ones back home, but not. Some examples we photographed:
  • Tiny iris-looking flower, but blooming among sand and rock and seriously tiny
  • A white flower that looks nothing like a hyacinth but smells exactly like one
  • Wild thyme, that smells exactly like thyme but doesn't look like it
  • a small flower in white and in pink that looks like a morning glory
Another interesting point about Malta is that, much like Ford's comment about the Model T, you can build your house with any color/material as long as it is limestone. Malta could be renamed "Beige"

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