Wednesday, May 9, 2007

We have a car.

A lot has happened since I last wrote. Here is the big stuff. We moved into our house last Friday. We then spent Saturday at the Marine House for a Cinco De Mayo party. Lots of fun. Sunday we went to the San Anton Garden for a flower show, and had brunch with some people from the Embassy. Monday was back to work for me and really busy. Monday morning is also the morning that we figured out that the hot water heater for our shower was not working since there was no hot water in the morning when I went to shower. Landlord was good about getting someone on that to fix it. Monday evening we walked to the slightly farther but much bigger grocery store to check it out. Pretty impressive. One thing Malta has is an awesome selection of fruit juices. There is an entire aisle of just one brand in about 30 or more flavors [Lynne edit: there are just many rows of about 15 or so juices]. Yesterday (Tuesday) two Marines, two local hires from the embassy, and myself went to a boys school to teach the kids dodge ball and kickball. The embassy also may a donation to the school's library with books about sports. It is part of an outreach program to the host country. For me it was a chance to get outside. It was loads of fun and the kids really enjoyed dodge ball. The school administration was extremely nice and happy to have us there. One of the local TV stations had a reporter there. They were filming during the event. There is no word if I was on the local TV. I figure I will hear about if I was. Lastly, we got our car last night. So all we have left is all of our stuff. That should be here this week and then up to a week to clear customs. During the last 3 days Lynne has been really busy letting workmen in and out of the house to fix things and setup phone and cable. This meant she has been very busy as well.

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