Monday, January 6, 2014

Renovation Update - The end is near

This weekend was an exciting weekend.  We are closing in on finishing the study. On Saturday I ran right after breakfast to get trim and some other miscellaneous things for the house at Home Depot.  Got back and proceeded to work on getting the trim painted.  My sawhorse only allowed me to paint half the trim at once. You can see in the photo to the left.  So I started with the door trim since that is the first thing that needs to go up.  While I was waiting for that to dry I worked on cleaning up the doors from the side table.

One really nice thing about the gas heat in our house is it makes everything so dry that you don't have to wait long for the paint to dry.  I was able to get two coats on the trim with a last round of touch up before the game.  In the morning the door trim was done and I did a quick coat on the floor trim after coffee but before breakfast.  Then I started to hang the trim around the door.  I ran into an issue with my brad nailer.  Basically it was not working.  It appears sitting in storage for seven years dried up the piston with a rubber ring and the pressure could not move it.  So I oiled everything really well and put it back to together.  It took a little work getting the nailer back in shape but finally it was.  Once that was going the trim went up in no time. It is amazing how much faster the right tool makes things.  It is also amazing how people built house before power tools.  That is some skill and toughness.  Also explains why houses were generally smaller.  The photo on the right shows just the door trim up.

I managed to get on three coats of paint on the second round of trim before nap.  Once that was dry it was no time to cut and hang the rest of the trim. On the left you can see the final room with the trim up.

There still is a bit to do.  We need to do some touch up painting where we caulked the trim.  Also I still need to figure out a way to install the door over the breaker box to cover it but still make it accessible.  So far all the hinges I have tried have thwarted me, but I have one last idea.  More on that later if it works.

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Lynne said...

Just had to add: An hour ago I finished the first round of touch up paint (there will be one more). It is already dry. Go gas heat!