Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mission: Completion (sort of)

We have been busy, busy, busy. Terry's writing a post about finishing the study/guest room and - yes - that means it is finished! And, with the room in move-in condition we moved in!

Hi, honey
 All the study furniture got out of the "media" room and we're still debating exactly how we'll lay out the guest room portion so none of that has gone in yet.

With the study furniture gone, we were able to go buy those bookcases I've been waiting for and get the books out of boxes in the basement closet. As we seem to have culled more books than I thought, we also had room to put up the small mountain of family snapshots.

My amazing husband also redid the kitchen pantry with more, adjustable shelves so a great number of small kitchen appliances were able to find their way into the kitchen. Really, anything that gets used at least once a week deserves a place here, but until now there just wasn't room.

In the spirit of organization, we have also tackled the linen/hallway closets. One is now entirely devoted to kitchen equipment. Even with the additional pantry space the kitchen is, as I may have mentioned before, too small. We even got to pull three boxes of lesser-used kitchen/dining-ware out of Zoltan's bedroom (4 year old boys don't really need closets) and found new homes for the contents of the 2 large boxes. Thus, only one smaller box returned to Zoltan's closet. The other hallway closet now houses all bathroom and linen related items. And most of a shelf is still empty!

The final step of all this organization will be to go through all the kids' toys, purge what should go and pack away a subset of rotating toys like we used to do ... now that there is room in the basement closet for all that stuff.

And then it will feel (mostly) like home.

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