Friday, January 10, 2014

A typical night

8:00pm: Kids are tucked into bed.
8:06pm: Zoltan calls "Mommy, mommy!"  Turns out he "needs" the potty. Let him go. "Mommy, I want you to be with me." Chats a mile a minute while sitting on the toilet. When I can finally break in, I ask if he's done. No, didn't make anything. Tuck him back into bed.
8:15pm: Zoltan calls "Mommy, mommy!"  Turns out he is "thirsty". Bring him some water. Tell him to go to bed and I don't want to hear from him anymore.
8:22pm: Zoltan calls "Mommy, mommy!"  Turns out he "had a bad dream". Can't have dreams when you aren't asleep. Give him one more big hug and kiss and tell him to get some sleep so he can have sweet dreams.
8:26pm: Zoltan calls "Mommy, mommy!"  Turns out he wants to know what we're going to do tomorrow.
8:30pm: Zoltan calls "Mommy, mommy!"  Daddy goes in this time and tells him to go to bed. Because, you know, daddy means business.
8:55pm: Zoltan calls "Mommy, mommy!"  Turns out he needs the potty, and with a child you're trying to get out of pullups you allow every false call. This time he actually goes.

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