Thursday, January 16, 2014

Renovation - Nearing the end

I am closing in the on finishing the study.   The door is built to cover the breaker box.  I ended up putting hinges on the trim that then attaches to the wall.  This seems to work pretty well.  I also added a few additional screws from the plywood to the trim to help hold it in place, since there is quite a bit of weight now on the trim.  Additionally I added some L brackets at all the corners to tie all the trim together.  This should help make it studier.  Additionally I added a magnet at the bottom to keep the whole thing closed.

The room is nearly finished.  I started moving the stud furniture in the room so other parts of the house could start being cleaned up.  I still have a little bit of chalking to do around the door then I will have to do touch up paint.  Allin all I am so close it is starting to fell like I have actually accomplished something.  


Bubby said...

Looks grear
can't wait to see it!!

alex said...

Sooooo impressed that you're doing this yourself. Can you please teach my husband? :)

Lynne said...

Alex - we can send you a list of upcoming projects and expected timeframes, and you can decide for which ones you want to apprentice him :-)