Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gratitude #24

24. Today I am grateful for good fortune and good habits. A short while back, Terry went to the doctor and during the course of the exam the doc performed a test on him. As it turns out, the test isn't covered by insurance and doesn't even come out of the deductible or out-of-pocket expenses (that is the part that truly blows my mind). So it's just cash we're out. Hundreds of dollars.

I'm annoyed, and frustrated, and angry. But I am NOT: scared; worried; anxious. This extra unforeseen cost doesn't change our Thanksgiving, Hanukkah/Christmas, shopping habits or family activities. The number of Americans for whom a situation like this might just push them right over the brink they have been teetering on ... it's more than I want to think about.

It's also a two part blessing, as I see it. Yes we have and have had jobs that allowed a better than hand-to-mouth existence. But we've also always saved no matter what we've earned. And for those things, and the heat in my house turned down because Terry is freakishly hot all the time and not because we can't afford to turn it up, I am grateful.

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