Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gratitude #14

14. I am ever so thankful for the library. So many books! All for free! Since we've moved into our house in August I have been to the library at least once a week. More often than not it is in the company of Zoltan, who is also developing a love of the place. The pile of library books threatens to take over the living room and Terry is threatening to impose a borrowing limit. I just got out a Russian novel I currently have no hope of getting through (I could have back in May, according to my Russia teacher who recommended this author). Yes, Russian novels in my sort-of-suburban neighborhood!

The best part is when we go back overseas I'll still be able to use their e-book lending. I am giddy thinking about it. I may even let Terry convince me to put the majority of our books in storage rather than schlep them around the world just in case I run out of reading material.

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