Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Riga Day 2, a.k.a Radisson Blu

The next morning we were at the Radisson Blu by 11am for our spa day. Little did we know how much of a day it would be!

On the booking for our spa treatments was a line about showing up an hour in advance to take advantage of the Thermal Suite and Relaxation Area. It meant a whole floor devoted to DIY relaxation: eucalyptus scented steam rooms; saunas; heated glass tile benches; an outdoor "vitality pool" (yes, OUTDOOR. It was heated. Super cool); a "shower experience", basically a sort of trail you can walk through where the showers vary from cool to hot, from a rainforest type overhead to an all-over 6-nozzle dealio; male and female relaxation room with these Posturpedic type beds, cozy with terry cloth "sheets" and blankets over them, soft music and dim lights, and headphones you can plug into each bed/chair's own listening station; and a sort of common room with fruit, tea and water to snack on.

I didn't bring my camera up there, but here's some photos from the espa web site:
(top) This is the outdoor vitality pool. It has a couple of waterfalls that you can see to the right, and one whole side is benchlike and jacuzzi type bubbles blow through that way.
(bottom) this is the "experience shower" trail.

But I get ahead of myself.

We check in for our treatments, ditch our coats in the cloakroom, and are shown to the changing rooms where we are each handed a towel, robe, and slippers. These slippers are real; I think the soles are cork or something similar, whatever Birkenstock uses. The lockers are in 2 sizes, decent and enormous. We each chose enormous because why not? In the changing room in addition to the normal bathroom, showers with aromatherapy shampoo and body wash and hair dryers, are a bathing suit centrifuge, light-up makeup mirrors and flat irons.

 Quickly changing into our bathing suits and wearing our robes we head up to relax. Although we didn't get into every steam room or sauna, we hit one of everything that place had to offer. We were chatting and sipping tea when our spa professionals came to fetch us. When I got to the room, it had all the expected: soft lighting and music, aromatherapy wafting in the air. The lady gave me a plastic bag for the bathing suit and a pair of disposable panties to wear and said to change and get under the covers. The massage table thing had what looked just like sheets made of terry cloth, with a cozy blanket thrown over it. We had wondered how comfortable our relaxation would be in wet bathing suits as we go straight from the water relaxation to the treatment - and this was the answer. They think of everything!

The facial turned out to be facial/scalp massage and hair treatment/shoulder and neck massage. When she said it was over I had to gather the energy to get up. Next was the post-treatment relaxation room, which came equipped with more of the lounge chair - Posturpedic bed things with terrycloth sheets and blankets, plus tea, water, dried fruit, nuts and adorable little cookies we decided had to be healthy because they wouldn't serve anything else. The 3 of us had the room to ourselves so we chatted, rested, ate and drank.

After about an hour of that we decided it was time to move on to the next thing. It just so happens the Radisson Blu houses the Skyline Bar, with famous panoramic views of Riga. It was lunchtime for us so we went for some food and drink and pretty views.

 And as we chatted and looked around and ate and drank and drank some more, we decided we had made a mistake not picking up a table right by the window, so we had to move.

We saw the sun set.
We got comfortable.

And, at 10:23pm my friend remembered that our coats were still at the coat check at the spa.

As I am normally the speedy one in the family I volunteered to race down there to fetch our coats or get someone in the hotel management to open the door as we assumed the spa was long closed. Turns out it closes at 10:30pm. I did have to wait about 5 minutes for someone with a key to come by, but we didn't have to take a cab home in our sweaters so I call it a win.

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