Sunday, April 21, 2013

I blame the next 10 lb on customs

We just discovered we aren't allowed to ship back home USA acquired items (i.e. commissary, Cans, jars and boxes we had assumed we would be using for the first few months of new-home are now lost to us. For a lot of this stuff we feel that slight twinge we all feel whenever we spend money and then never experience the value of the expenditure (think: clothes "just in case" you lose weight or have that perfect event; gym memberships; gift cards, etc). But there are a few items causing a bit of heartache.

Today the kids helped me make maple sugar cookies. Dinner was meatball subs with homemade tomato sauce (organic diced tomatoes). Then maple sugar candy. When the kids settle down I'll be making maple bread pudding. Tomorrow we may do homemade pizza (bonus: the crust will rid us of some whole wheat flour). We seeing a pattern here? It is entirely possible I will use so much maple syrup that I will voluntarily never have any again. For at least a few months.


Shannon said...

Ohhh Maple sugar candy, I have bottles, lots of bottles of syrup to up before our pack out in June. Good idea. Don't all the rules just make you nuts????

Lynne said...

Exactly! If I'd have known 6 months ago we could have done more for using stuff up. Anyway the candy was yummy and super easy! recipe was on Good luck to you to find ways to use up your syrup :-)