Friday, July 1, 2011

One of those days

Woke this morning with a raging headache and to the sound of Zoltan's hysterical scream. Go check it out and in the half light I see something dark in one hand and he's agitated. Yup, massive poopsplosion out the bottom of the jammies and in the crib. More poop all over the changing pad as I tried to get him cleaned up, even got some in the corner of the wooden frame of the changer. Get him and his stuff cleaned up, into the kitchen, turn on the coffeemaker. It appears to stop way before it should have so I check and yep, the filter folded over so there's a stuck mass of coffee grounds and water in the filter area. When trying to clear it out I spill hot coffee water all over my hand.

And it isn't even 7:30am yet!

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