Saturday, July 16, 2011

The crying place

A long time ago, when we started using time outs as a way to separate Alex from whatever was causing the hysteria, when it was a place to go to calm down, she chose her own place. It's the corner under the Vonage telephone in the kitchen. If we open both doors to the hallway, it's a very "secret", cave-like hiding place.

Now of course time outs are used when she's aggressive, grossly disobedient, etc. Usually she's crying when she goes to her time out place. So, from a 20 month old perspective, that corner is where we go when we're crying. So now ... Zoltan puts himself in time out when he's upset/frustrated. Will it screw him up forever if he hears us giggling when we see him march off after having a knife taken from him, or when he's redirected into the kitchen from the living room when he's got food in his hand, or any number of things that just frazzle his little toddler mind?

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