Saturday, July 9, 2011

If I had a garden ...

... days like today would be more common, which is probably not a great thing. Went to the rinok today where one seller had blueberries so I got 1.5 kilos - which became a batch of jam and some in the fruit salad. Also kabachki (the light green zucchini that is shaped like yellow squash) was only 10 rubles/kilo (approx. 20 cents/lb) so I got 3 kilos.

All told, today we brought more than 20 kilos of produce into the house. We didn't touch the potatoes, onions, or carrots. Half the cabbage went into the soup - said soup also included the carrots and onions we already had in the house. I stemmed and washed 2 kilos of grapes, Terry made fruit salad out of nectarine, cherry, pomegranate, apple, grape, blueberry, and a few leftover apricots - super yummy. However, making the salad of course involved washing and peeling and/or chopping all of said fruit.

Friends had told us that raspberries were beginning to show up at the rinok so when I saw none I asked when they would be there. The lady replied "через один час", which I later double checked on Google translate, means in an hour. Because we had the blueberries so we were going to make jam no matter what, we decided Terry would run back during naptime to get the raspberries. He came home with plums and more pomegranate, but there was only one stall selling raspberries and it was expensive. Maybe next week ... or rather the one after that.

With all the extra plums Terry ended up making muffins from a recipe he found online. I won't comment on them other than to say nobody will eat them. With all the kabachki I got, I made zucchini bread muffins - more portable and flexible than making them in breads but more time consuming and more mess. We now wait to see how long it will take us and play groups, guests, etc to go through the 119 muffins that made it to the cooling rack (i.e. I made more but some have been eaten)


Donna said...

I do miss the rynoks!

Sara said...

The Weekly State Department Blog Roundup is up and you’re in it. If you'd like it removed from the roundup let me know.

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