Saturday, July 16, 2011


Friday was one of those dragging days, when no amount of coffee can make up for the desperate urge for a nap. Zoltan went down for his nap surprisingly easily, given that for several months he refused to lay down and go to bed when I put him down. The time it took to get Alex ready and down for her nap, then wait 10 minutes for the movers to arrive to take away the boxes from UAB, and have a drink of water ... Z was up and nothing would convince him to go back down. Totally poopalicious nap, and totally grumpy mommy. Turns out, with the lack of sleep, totally grumpy baby.

Grumpy babies need a lot of stimulation to keep from crying and tired grumpy mommies don't have a lot in us to keep things fresh. I managed to play with him for about an hour before running low on steam. Alex was - thankfully - sound asleep, which is normally a good thing, but in this case it meant I couldn't just take him for a walk or to the park.

His nails needed to be cut so I put on an episode of Peppa Pig to keep him still so I wouldn't cut him. For anyone unfamiliar with this British porcine, it's fabulous. Each episode is 5 minutes and everyone falls down when they laugh. We all love them. After the show was over we got up and did something else. It didn't take too long though before I started thinking longingly of the stillness and peace I felt while he watched the show.

He's been all about the potty lately, most of the time telling me when something goes into the diaper and wanting to sit on the potty at seemingly random intervals (often right after putting something in the diaper), but of course the potty is still safe to drop food into. I even totally freaked him out one day as he started peeing on the carpet and I scooped him up and got him on the little potty. He stopped and wouldn't go again til I put his diaper back on.

I took his diaper off, put Peppa on, and picked up my book. About 4 Peppas in I did something in the kitchen, which caused Z to squawk and run in after me. Potty still pristine. One more show and he gets up and .... there's pee in the potty! Yipppeeeee!

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