Thursday, June 30, 2011

Strawberries & cream

Sometimes it really is the simplest things. On my way home today I had to get fruit as all we had were 2 pears or so and a handful of cherries (apparently, 5 kilos of cherries in 2 weeks and my family is nearly sated). Among other things, I got strawberries. Either the lady did a switcheroo or they weren't as good as they looked or they just didn't like sitting on the counter for an hour after getting home rather than being put directly in the fridge. In any case, they were weak. So, what to do?

Fresh cream makes almost anything taste better, so after dinner Terry gave me a bye to go to the store and buy heavy whipping cream. We threw the ingredients into the KitchenAid and gave the kids some fruit to tide them over til the cream was ready. Zoltan actually didn't love his (which he ate with cherries as we're still not sure about strawberries) but Alex .... as she licked the cream off the edge of her bowl I was cursing the moving company that never picked up our UAB from PA and thus delayed our UAB arrival home by 2 weeks, thus depriving us tonight of the good camera. I promise, though, it was priceless.

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