Monday, July 16, 2007

more tidbits

  • This is festa season. We have a lovely roof from which you can see a large swath of the island - it is very convenient to live in the middle of the island! Well, on a Saturday night we can just pull out our folding chairs onto the roof and check out the fireworks from the various festas. On June 30 we got good views of 2 fireworks displays, and a tree-obstructed view of a third. I have a feeling this is where we will spend many Saturday evenings in the summer (ah, and next summer I will do it with a cold beer or glass of wine in my hand!)
  • We both swam in our pool, finally, 2 months after moving in. Terry went at night about a week ago, and it was too cold for me at that time. I went in during the day and it was incredibly refreshing. We want Kirby to get into it, he'd be so much cooler if he would, but I couldn't get him remotely close to me when I was in the water. We have a pretty large ankle deep area at the shallow end, so he could even lie down in the water. Terry will have to throw him in one of these days.
  • I think summer is finally here in full force. The stuff at the produce stand didn't look as good as usual and there was much less selection. I went Tuesday morning, so it should have been full of prime stuff, the vendors get their new shipments Monday afternoons. We may be down to frozen veggies in the next month, and I don't think the fresh stuff starts up again until after the rains, which would be after October. Just think, baby will be here by then.

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Concerned C-villian said...

I don't blame Kirby. I would be scared of a pregnant lady in a pool as well. You never know what could happen>>?