Sunday, July 8, 2007

Lemons, lemons everywhere

The lemon tree is in full fruit production. We have been picking them this week, and as you can see we have a major motherlode of lemons. The one tree that produces all the fruit is not too big, and we have no ladder to get the stuff way at the top, so you can only imagine the production potential we have here. Terry had some really good intentions of ways we could use the lemons in cleaning products, but after some research we learned that lemon scent, and lemon oil, are common ingredients in household cleaners. However, lemon juice itself has limited application, one major use is cleaning copper. Well, we don't exactly have a large copper pot collection, so that information is largely useless to us.

We froze quite a bit of juice, and Terry has the idea of essentially canning a batch of lemon juice to avoid taking up so much freezer space - also, because of power outages, large amounts of freezer storage is a risky proposition. We'll report back on how that goes. In the meantime, there will be lemonade flowing from our home for quite a long time to come, and I think we'll try lemon curd, lemon pie, etc.

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Concerned C-villian said...

I LOVE the picture of Kirby!! Too funny!! Also, I hope that freezer is working for you with all those steaks you got for the 4th.