Friday, July 20, 2007

The glamorous life

A movie is being shot on our street this week. Our first alert of this fact was when we came home on Tuesday and there were signs all along our street that street parking would not be permitted for the next week (starting the next day) and a letter was wedged in our gate to the effect that the crew would be shooting from 6am until 8pm Weds-Fri, then Mon-Tues. It also advised that there would be explosions and fake gun shots - it is always good to have loud startling noises with an anxious dog in the house!

I have looked up the name of the movie and have seen nothing about it. I have no idea what production company it is, who the actors are, what the plot of the movie is. I have no idea if it will ever make it to a movie theatre anywhere in the world. But if it does, you will get a good look at my street, assuming all those scenes don't end up on the cutting room floor.

The crew and I have been completely pissing each other off. Yesterday was really the worst, mainly because I had to get Terry to a dentist appointment and my friend to the airport. When returning from the first errand, the police officer at the barricade at the far end of my block only let me through when I assured him I was a resident of the street and had off-street parking. While I was navigating the road, though, another individual or two felt the need to confirm those facts as well. It was a mass of humanity and cars - without drivers - blocking the road. We live only one house in from the other end of the street (the road at the corner is called Lord Strickland Street), but we have some debate as to whether it is legal to drive up the Lord Strickland - there is a sign at one end that it is one way except for residents, but then halfway up the street there is another sign just proclaiming that it is one way. I have seen plenty of folks turn onto my street from Lord Strickland, but then I have seen many clearly illegal driving tactics so you have to take these things with a grain of salt. Anyway, it did become clear to everyone that any further venturing from my house would have to take place via Lord Strickland. I thought that was the simple solution. Silly me, it never occurred to me that there would also be the unmanned truck parked directly at our gate, and when I asked them to move it I was told they were shooting right then and I would have to wait.

What idiot messes with a heavily pregnant lady in the oppressive heat?? They did end up moving the truck within the minute, and even helped me open the gates to our driveway. When I returned from that errand the guy manning the barricade was nowhere to be seen, so I moved them myself (they were less than 40lb, mom!) and again had to make them move the truck that was in front of our gate.

I am pretty sure I am their most troublesome resident.

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