Thursday, July 26, 2007

Terracotta Warriors

Last night we went to the National Museum of Archaeology in Valletta. We wanted to see the collection of Terracotta warriors from China before it left town. The display was very good. The major problem was that there was no air-conditioning in the Museum. While I am sure this is lovely in December, in July it is just brutal. It was so bad that after a half hour Lynne needed to leave. One thing Malta is trying to do is increase the tourism from the Scandinavian countries and Germany. I don't think a lot of Swedes are going to love looking at one of the bigger tourist attractions on the island when inside it is 95 degrees.

The Maltese really may want to take a larger view of the tourism offerings in this country and how to make them more attractive. Although there is a wealth of history and natural beauty here, a lot of people are turned off by oppressive heat that can not be escaped in a museum. Lynne and I had decided that we would not go to the museum back in April figuring we would leave the presumably air conditioned activities until summer when walking about outside was too hot. What a mistake. I never heard of a museum not being air-conditioned. OK there is one in New Delhi, but that is India! I don't think the tourist industry of Malta would like to be in same class as India. Other than the temperature issues the display was impressive. I will mostly go back in the winter to view the entire (permanent) collection.

Here is some information on the Terracotta warriors.

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