Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jellyfish, Jellyfish Everywhere

I have been really behind on added to the blog. Luckily Lynne has more then filled that void. So here is the run down from my perspective for the last few weeks.

I have been swamped at work and I am trying to catch up following an upgrade that happened at post. Lets just say it did not go as smoothly as advertised.

Work at home has been more than anticipated. Keeping up with the pool, lawn, etc. Has been a bit of pain. This was compounded by the long hours at work.

Went out on a boat last weekend with some people from the embassy. All in all is was a fun time. I was the first in the water when we anchored. This was probably related to the fact that I was melting in the Mediterranean Sun by the time we were anchored. Within about two minutes I swam into a jellyfish (or maybe it swam into me). That was quite a startling pain. It hurt like hell. We poured salt water over it for the first couple of minutes then some white vinegar and that helped. There was a mild burning after that, and it lasted for a few hours. You can see the picture of the sting area above. After getting sea sick (I am such a wimp on boats) I later went swimming again. This time I took the goggles and a snorkel so I could see better in the water to keep the jellyfish at a distance. With the goggles you could easily see the bottom - 8.5 meters down. That is almost 28ft for us US Standard people. The water was extremely clear. As you swam around you could watch the fish and jellyfish swim around below you. The are really interesting to watch from a distance. Most of the fish are pretty small but it was still fun to see them. I have a link to one of the fish I could confirm that I saw. I have not been able to find a nice reference site for the fish off the island of Malta. If I find one I post some more fish picture links. Here is the link to the White & Saddle Bream.

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