Monday, June 10, 2013

The Money Pit

Terry got his first look at the house this week. The more I am there the more I realize the good things are very good (recently refinished hardwood throughout the house) and the bad things are very bad (the pond that appeared during the rainstorm right at the walkway to the house from the front yard).

Our first thought, last month when we bought the house, was that the kitchen was top indoor priority. The stove violates code and the previous owners slapped a granite counter on top of 50 year old cabinets. However, we've since decided the top priority needs to be the bathroom with the nasty tub. We're hoping to shame the contractor who did the kitchen into at least moving the stove for us - it involves running a gas line, which we aren't thrilled to do ourselves - and I know he cares about his Angie's List ratings. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

The trees are down and the electrician is done other than having the city come and do the inspection to certify his work. We've chosen the company to do the bathroom although installation won't be until later this summer. So, things are moving along .....

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