Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Strawberry picking = jam making

When we lived in Bucks County PA Terry and I discovered a fabulous pick your own place, called Penn-Vermont after the native states of the couple that owns the place. They have the best peaches and blackberries you've ever had, and are probably the only place anywhere to pick black raspberries. So, as we're finally into strawberry season and our kids don't handle hanging out at home very well, we went to pick berries.

We left the camera in the car so no photos of Alex's red hands or Zoltan's Little Sal-like performance (kerplink, kerplank, kerplunk). However, I can report that we picked 5 quarts of berries, which turned into 2 batches of jam and enough leftover berries for snacking for the next day or two.

The other highlight was our quick pit stop at Bolton's Farm, home of all-good-stuff chickens and turkey products - anything you'd see as a processed pig product they will do with turkey. The best turkey bacon I've ever had. They even get their milk from a farm in the next town and uses glass containers, discount when you bring them back when you buy the next gallon.

More than any other thing ever has, today made me nostalgic for our Pennsylvania life pre-FS. 

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