Friday, June 21, 2013

A pink room and a blue room

While the kids hang out at Camp Pop-pop and Nana, Terry and I are having our own boot camp - make the house liveable.

Our first day went much better than expected - we got to MD hours earlier than we thought/feared, so were able to go ahead and start on two of our main priorities: the front flower bed (pulling the dirt and mulch away from the foundation so termites don't come back, as well as to make room for what we want to plant; and paint the kids' rooms.

We got Alex's room trimmed out before realizing Zoltan's was a higher priority, and got the front flower bed torn apart pretty well, aka it looks awful. We tried to transplant some lilies and a little bush, plus hacked away all the big bushes. We'll have to wait and see if any of the transplants survived. We tried not to overdo it because we have days more work to do but I won't lie - I was sore the next day. At least it was sore, not useless.

Next day was the Pepco inspection of our electrician's work. Pepco, apparently, gives a range of time and refuses to narrow it. So we had to be at the house at 8:30am and we had to get to Lowes beforehand. 6:30am was our wakeup, 7am at Lowes, and we pulled up to the house at 8:29am. Pepco didn't come til after 11am, of course, but we were busy. A bit of time in the front yard, then off to paint bedrooms.

They both need more work, we'll see in the light (bought a lamp!) just how much.

Here's my issue: I really like how the blue turned out in Zoltan's room. I am not 100% sure about the pink in Alex's. In both cases, however, the paint in the room looks NOTHING like the paint on the chip or in the can. Curiously, The paint spattered on my body looks exactly like the paint on the chip and in the can. How does this happen?

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