Friday, April 22, 2011

A day for the books

When Terry came home tonight I kissed him and told him I almost went for my passport today (as in, to leave him and the kids). Let's do a re-cap:

- Zoltan had my keys in the hole in the wall just below the 2 electrical outlets. How many seconds did we have before he bored of the hole and went for the outlet?
- Zoltan took the top rack off the silverware organizer. That one holds (among other things) the steak knives. When I got to him he had the cardboard cover off one knife and was putting the knife back inside.
- Zoltan refused to nap 3 times, and even refused to lay down in the stroller. He eventually took a pitiful 1h nap in the stroller almost entirely upright (there's zippered sides that let me recline him a bit)
- Due to said sleep deprivation he spent a lot of time screaming today, just in general.
- When getting ready to get Alex and I was setting up the stroller, he played in the fireplace in our foyer.
- Zoltan got hold of the metal 1 cup measuring cup and was banging it energetically on the kitchen table ... until he banged it on his fingers. Cue up the screaming.
- Zoltan managed to pull the completely full Brita pitcher off the countertop onto himself, drenching himself and the floor.
- Alex was her usual No-Nap self this afternoon, which also included a lot of screaming, tantruming, throwing things, pulling her brother, taking toys from him and other mischief.

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