Saturday, April 16, 2011


We took advantage of a friend being posted to Budapest and the correlating free place to stay to visit the nation of Terry's last name, a.k.a. the country his great grandfather left to come to America. The trip occurred now because the children are as old as they can be before he leaves post (well, before we leave post, then come back to be alone meaning Terry can't take a day off work nor travel more that 2 driving hours away on the weekends, then our friend leaves post)

More posts and photos to follow. Initial impressions - we love it. We would love to serve here. Clean, convenient, friendly, YOU CAN DRINK THE WATER FROM THE TAP.

The flights there and back reinforced our tentative plans to put international travel on hold for a while (well, other than places like Vilnius, which is an overnight train ride, or Riga, which is a very short direct flight). Admittedly, being us, "for a while" means maybe until winter.

But I digress. The trip to Budapest was relatively uneventful except for the new Archos completely nor working, which we learned upon our return home was due to the fact that the new Archos can not use the same charger as the old one even though they look like they are the exact same. Fabulous to learn that on a trip involving 9 hours of door to door travel as opposed to 16 hours, which will happen in 2 weeks. In any case, Alex was entertained enough elsewise that she only watched 2 shows on the old Archos during the flight anyway.

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