Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ugly, nasty August

We had been warned that August was the hottest, worst month of the year in Malta. This year, the first three weeks were remarkably comfortable. After July's scorcher and the one awful week in June (that coincided with my dad's visit), the high-20s/heat-index low-30s temps were completely bearable. The humidity increased, but we're hardy Northeasterners who have survived summers in New York, Philly, and everyone's favorite swamp, D.C. In fact, we think the humidity is what has helped keep some of the quantity of dust off the car - well, that AND Terry's two wonderful coats of car wax. We may only need to wash it every other week to be able to see out the windows!

Then came this week. Back into the high 30s/heat index into the 40s. This time, though, we have humidity too, so instead of feeling like an oven it feels like a sauna. Further, being now in my 8th month of pregnancy, my tolerance level for anything at all that disturbs my contentment is at an abysmal low.

To top it all off, today we had an occurrence that had been happily in remission for the last month or so - a power outage. A siren began simultaneously with the power cutting off, so I correctly assumed this was a region-wide event and not isolated to my house, as the last few outages I survived had been. When the siren finally stopped the power did not come on, so I went ahead and called the electric company to find out what was going on. The lady there said they were aware of the outage (I can only imagine, the first 3 times I tried to call I got a busy signal!) and power should be back up within an hour. To their credit, the power actually returned within 15 seconds of my hanging up the phone. Weird.

One thing this experience taught me is that the pool is 100% worth all the hassle. When it is hovering around 100F at noon even limestone can't keep you cool. The pool was the only thing that kept me from completely going bonkers.


Concerned C-villian said...

Not to mention a hanging out in a pool is excellent exercise for a person in your condition, Preggo. Did you coax that doggie of yours in yet?

Lynne said...

doggie will not go within 10 feet of me in a pool. i brought a bowl out the other day and used it to pour some water over his back to cool him off and I didn't see him again for a while!