Monday, August 20, 2007

Where is Edward Scissorhand when you need him?

Sunday was a big work outside day. The garden really needed to be trimmed back and cleaned up. When I started in the morning some of the vines were growing down so far that they were covering the swing set. So off I went with pruning shears. After about and hour and half or so of trimming I had big piles all over the yard to clean up. Then I spent another two hours or so cleaning up and bagging. Most of the garden plants are thorny so you have to watch yourself. Funny I didn’t notice that when we first looked at the place. Lynne helps some with the cleaning up and bagging. She also come by periodically with glasses of water to make sure I stayed hydrated. She knows that I will just keep working and not stop for break even though my body really should stop. In the evening I had the draft for fantasy football. What fun. I did miss the news that one of the guys I drafted was injured, but reports are it is not serious. Lets hope so.

One of the things about living somewhere is you often don’t see as much as when you are tourist. Malta that is the case for us. In dealing with the everyday events of life we haven’t had as much time to just go explore the island. Plus it is freaking hot here.

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Concerned C-villian said...

How hot is it? Did you say frieken?