Monday, August 6, 2007

No Spoilers for Me!

For many of you that don’t know this I have been working on a Microsoft Certification. It consists of 6 tests. I am not a big fan personally of the certification, but if I achieve it while working with the State Department I get a pretty nice pay bump. So on Friday I took the fifth of the exams and successfully passed. Since I successfully passed this exam, and there is only one left to take, I decided I deserved a little break. Mainly I wanted to finish the new Harry Potter. Lynne read it within a day after I bought it (which was the Monday following the release). I bought it very early so Lynne and I could read it quickly - I was really concerned because I was sure I'd hear spoilers from someone, somewhere. So following the test I decided it was time to read and get it over with. This also would allow Lynne to talk about the book while I was home, which up till now was forbidden. So from Friday after the test till Sunday evening that is pretty much all I did. I am done! No one can spoil it for me. I will not say anymore than I have read it because I don’t want to spoil for anyone else. Although I have a feeling anyone who was worried about that already finished the book before me. Now that is behind me I have started to study for what should be the last of the test to get my certification. My goal is to finish before the baby comes. Unfortunately nothing very exciting is happening in Malta for me.


Concerned C-villian said...
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Concerned C-villian said...

Nothing exciting is happening?!! What!?! You have a pregnant wife!! Everyday is exciting!!! By the way, good luck with the last exam. Way to go on the others. Now I can email you my techy questions. :)

Concerned C-villian said...

How did you like it? I am still two books behind. I'm was slow to join the "Harry" wagon.