Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lousy Festa

So here is the run down of what is happening in Malta from Terry’s perspective. That means it will be relatively short and probably lack sweetness. The USS Kearsarge was in port in Malta. The ship was giving tours to Embassy families and Maltese citizens (not sure how they chose who got to go and who didn’t). All in all it was fun. The ship is huge. The crazy part is that it is not the biggest ships in the fleet. Still seems really big to me though. After that we went home. I worked on the computers at home for most of the afternoon. Lately everything I try to do with the home network goes south so I am spending way too much time working on it.

Saturday night we went for dinner in Sliema. We tried another Indian restaurant. At this point I give up there is no good Indian restaurant in Malta (Lynne has not yet given up). Philly really spoiled us when it comes to food. Most food I have everywhere I go now I am always like there is better in Philly. During dinner Bruce called to tell me the Eagles preseason game was being rebroadcast on AFN. So after my good wife agreed to go with me (Bruce lives in Sliema so it would be silly to go home and back) we drive to about where Bruce lives. What a mess that was. Here is the down side to festa - when you are going to a town that has one for some other purpose than attending the festa you are surprised. Then it hits your there is nowhere to park. The streets are full of people and traffic grinds to a halt. So after driving all over Sliema looking for parking, we finally give up and went home. No football for Terry. So sad. Up until this point I have had to watch Canadian Football to get my fill.


Concerned C-villian said...

Is there really a "fill" with Canadian football?

Terry said...

Canadian Football is surprisingly entertaining. Understanding the different rules is challenging but if I live in a major Canadian city I was so go to the games. Canucks really pack the stadium and show great support. Little to pass happy for me but fun none the less.