Tuesday, July 9, 2013

An exciting day

Following the amazing list of recommendations of things to do with the kids while in NoVA, today we took advantage of the cloud cover and headed to Clemyjantri Park in McLean. It was everything everyone promised it would be and more, we will definitely be back.

As a testament of the morning, the kids took lovely 3 hour naps. After Alex woke, I decided to start on dinner, so I got the pan warming on setting 5-6 as I took out the chicken and other ingredients. When it seemed warm enough I poured some olive oil into the pan. It started smoking immediately, which was unusual, and then ...

the pan caught on fire.

Cue up Zoltan being awakened by the sound of the fire alarm and handling it much better than I would have predicted; my attempt to contain the fire by turning the pan over on the stove (which did contain it but I guess I peeked too soon as it flared back up when I lifted it to check); and the front desk reacting not quite as fast as I would have thought, although it certainly may have been no more than 1-2 minutes. Oh yeah and I had a horribly delayed out-in-the-heat headache.

So I guess we're going out to eat tonight.

* Edited to add: We did go out for dinner, and serendipitously wandered into the Nepalese Momo Restaurant in the strip mall across the street from the hotel. Today was its very first day of business! Their official opening is Friday and we may very well be be back it.


alex said...

That park is amazing. Today was a pretty good day to go too, since it wasn't as hot as it has been lately. That's my only complaint about the place -- can't they shade more of the benches? I just can't take the sun there for very long, but maybe that's the pregnancy speaking...

Looking forward to hearing where you go next! We're working our way through kid friendly NOVA spots too.

Lynne said...

Alex, I've been enjoying your photos of Flynn all over NoVA on FB ... maybe a blog post or two about some of them? I'll definitely keep updating as we knock the hot spots off the list :-)