Friday, May 24, 2013

All packed out

On Tuesday the movers came and started packing all of our things.  A friend from the Consulate was gracious enough to help me watch over everything.  I can't thank him enough.  So all day Tuesday I watch my stuff be packed into boxes and sealed up.  The movers estimated one day to pack and then load everything the second day.  I thought this was optimist and it turns out I was right.   At the end of the first day everything in the living room, kitchen, dining room, study, Alex and Zoltan's bedrooms were packed up.  My bedroom, two bathrooms, strollers and the kids bikes were still left to do.  When Zoltan came home from school he was eager to see all the boxes.  He went from room to see all the boxes in each room.  Later he keep asking me why there was no TV now, where is his Spiderman spoon, etc.  His seems to have trouble understand everything was being packed up, but was generally OK with it.

Then next day the movers were ready to go a little early.  So one guy finished the little packing while the other three started doing the official inventory and loading the truck.  Everything went fine for the most part.  At one point all the stuff was packed and the only thing to do was match our box numbers to the official box number.  So I told our friend I was OK and thanked him again.  After 3/4 of our stuff is loaded on the truck they ran out of space.  So they pick some last things that will fit and load those things.  Off 3 guys go with part of our things and one guys stays back to finish inventory and do the paperwork.  He also moves all the remaining things into the apartment buildings hallway so he can wait there until the truck returns.  At this point there is nothing to do so I head into to work since it has been crazy in the office.  Generally I found in my time in Russia that lots of things are done just not quite right.  Here the mover are organized and effecient but the truck is just a little to small.  Still baffles me, but at least everything went more or less fine.  We will see on the other side how well everything made it.

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