Friday, August 24, 2012

American TV and the FS child

Overseas we have AFN, or shows we download, or on DVD. Our in-laws have Tivo. This means my kids have never in their memory seen normal American television.

There's a rec room sort of thing off the lobby of our apartment building and it has a TV and a pool table. I let the kids watch a show down there and headed to the computer room next door (I could see them through the doorway).

A little while into the show Alex yells for me to come help her please. She's all upset because the show is gone. There's a Fruit Loops commercial on, but as she doesn't know what Fruit Loops are she has no idea what's going on. I explain they are like the little shows she sometimes watches at the end of a show (for the kids shows, AFN puts all the commercials at the end, so when a show ends there's songs, Schoolhouse Rocks, or other educational clips). She calms down, I tell her to wait a bit and the show will be back on, and she yells to let me know when the show does in fact come back on.

10 minutes later, the same panic. We are so unprepared to come back to the USA!

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Just US said...

Haha! My kids do the same thing! It is so funny to watch.