Saturday, November 20, 2021

Gratitude 16-20

 #16. I am grateful for all the luck in my life.  My socio-economic background, skin color, and education level - none of which are things I could have chosen for myself - have given me opportunities and protections that are not available to others.  There's a responsibility in that.

#17. Related to the above, I am grateful to be comfortable enough that I can use purchasing power to support my values - I don't have to pay attention to what always costs less. Did I buy a holiday gift for one of the kids last week that cost about 15% more in the independent store than it would have on amazon? Sure did. Not having to work multiple jobs to get by also means I had the time to go to that store.

#18.  I think I already wrote this but it can't be said enough - I am so grateful to be able to stay in Calgary. Especially as the kids seem to be more comfortable here than they have been anywhere else.

#19. I am grateful for winter in Calgary and all the cherished memories already made and the ones to be made. Rivers to hike – with ice cleats secure on my feet – to frozen waterfalls. Powdery snow to ski upon. Night sledding just a couple of blocks away. Ice skating on the “wild ice” of Two Jack and on the much more moderate ice of Olympic Park.  I am so ready for winter to begin!

#20. I am grateful for our landlord.  He is super relaxed and easygoing, prompt when there's a problem, and seems pretty delighted that we pay on time and don't trash the place. We've had some discussions about whether to look for a different place for our next 3 years here and keep coming back to the idea that (1) Rick is amazing and we've heard many horror stories of other local landlords and (2) the Even Steven principle would indicate it would be our turn for one of those awful landlords if we gave Rick up.

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