Thursday, September 15, 2016

Language training

We are back at work, which means we are in language training. During the next several months our full time jobs plus off-time hobbies will be to learn German.  I can't stress enough how happy I am right now.  Unlike Russian, which I beat my head against for six years and didn't seem to get much for the effort, I am already learning a LOT and making notable progress in being able to talk to people about simple things (What is your name, where are you from, do you have children, etc).

We're also providing endless amusement to our lovely au pair, as we try out new words or ask her questions.

The commute just might kill us though. My desperate hope is that when the metro system is closer to operational level all these extra drivers will go back to riding the train. There should be a rule that if a person leaves his or her home at 6:30am there should be no traffic.


Anonymous said...

I thought German was hard until I started in with the Polish! Slavic languages are just impossible. Viel Gluck! (See I still remember that, and I as yet have no idea how to say it in Polish!)

Lynne said...

I think learning Russian first was a small blessing. I hear Polish is very similar. With German, by contrast, every day of language training is a joy (so far anyway!)