Thursday, September 29, 2016

German language training, part I

We've been in class about 3 weeks now and settling into our routines and slowly developing some ability.  Some highlights include:

  • "Morgen morgen" means "tomorrow morning" although nobody says that (they would say "early tomorrow" - I forget the word for "early" but I much prefer this)
  • We've played the game of "hunt for the most consonants in a row." I am currently winning at five. The word I found was "Wortschatz" although I know it is frequent enough that it will come up again.
  • So many alliterative phrases!  One of my favorites of this week "Welche sprachen Sprechen Sie?" (What languages do you speak)
  • Direct quote from my teacher:  Fun can be German too!


Ida said...

I've been playing that consonant game for years! 5 is relatively easy. Especially since we can easily combine two nouns to make a new word and if the second starts with "Sch" that will give you 3 consonants already. (As you saw in Wortschatz). The 5-consonant-word I usually remember is "ängstlich" I remember I knew one with 6 consonants in a row and while thinking about it I also came up with a few more.
I talked to my husband and he came up with a real word with 7 and also invented one with 8 consonants: "Hirschschnitzel" (Schnitzel (escalope?) made with venison as opposed to the real Schnitzel made with veal).
Have fun with German :-)

Lynne said...

We've been enjoying German immensely. In a few months we may even put up a post in German and let you and our other German friends have fun picking out all the mistakes :-)