Saturday, November 14, 2015

Gratitude 14th

Today I am grateful for modern conveniences, such as internet and international shipping. We can still have Cheddar cheese sometimes, and get Alex some dairy-free alternatives to the foods everyone around her is eating, through the joy of the internet.  I still miss turkey bacon, though. 


Unknown said...

How do you get Cheddar Cheese shipped ?

Lynne said...

Hi Vanessa, it is probably one of the most exciting discoveries of our foreign service career that cheddar, and a few other hard cheeses, are shelf stable at room temperatures. So as long as you aren't in too hot of a climate - or for us, summertime - it will survive quite nicely during the two to three weeks it hangs out in mail sorting facilities before it reaches you. Thus far we have gotten cheddar through, through my mother buying some in the store and shipping it in a regular box, and through the Wisconsin Cheese Mart cheese-of-the-month club where they ship the cheeses with an ice pack. In each case the cheese was perfectly safe to eat upon arrival and for a good amount of time beyond that.