Sunday, March 30, 2014

Religious education

Our friends held their son's birthday party at their church this weekend. This led to a conversation with the kids on the car ride home about what a church is, who/what is God, what is a religion and what different religions teach/people believe. I had been largely stalling on this version of "the talk" as I have been very unsure what I want to teach my kids. Thus, such spontaneous conversations occur and I can't be sure I'm actually giving them the information I want them to have.

After some thought at the end of the conversation, Alex reveals:  "I think Leprechauns and flying horses are real, and God is not."  Terry was so proud. 

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alex said...

Hahaha! Flynn is in preschool at a methodist church because it's just what worked out best for a few reasons, but we're kind of baffled about how to handle the fact that he's coming home singing Jesus Loves Me and such. Our approach for the time being is ignoring it and hoping he forgets soon after we move. Responsible parenting, I know. :)