Wednesday, August 7, 2013

We have a compost bin! And a car!

Yes, in that order.

Montgomery county has an awesome program where its residents can just go and pick up a free compost bin in one of many locations. I hit up the local Whole Foods for ours (that isn't actually local, so I'll never go there, in that I have Dawsons, Trader Joes, and Harris Teeter closer to me). It isn't the amazing Darth Vader helmet we got way back when through the PA Game Commission or whatever government entity it was, but it is a compost bin and now I feel better when chopping veggies or when I hit on a moldy piece of fruit.

The car ... well, we've been dithering for 6 months or more about the Corolla, whether it would pass inspection in the USA and whether we should even try after 2 Maltese summers and 4 Russian winters. It is a Corolla, but it is also a 1994 vintage that's been travelling more than most. In the end, it did get brought to our driveway where it sat while we debated whether to donate it, try to get some trade-in value from it, or see if we could get it on the road.

Between our fixing-up and our unpacking and our Freecycling (mostly out, but a little in) we realized that our time is worth something. To us at least. So we decided the time sink in managing the Toyota's fixes and getting the temp tags to get it inspected and then more fixes and then hopefully it passes emissions .... we decided if we found a decent car within our low, low budget we'd just go get it.

Thus we hit up the only open car lot last Sunday (I called it, they were Israeli) and drove home in our "new" Accord. Alex is disappointed that it isn't green. I bet anything other than British Racing Green would have gotten that reaction. In some ways she is a mini Terry.

We still have to return my brother's car, and we are waiting on a part to repair the Subaru so we can get its registration transferred to Maryland. So, right now we have 3 cars out front, with license plates from 3 different states. 

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