Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Childhood friends

One of the perks of having to come back to the USA early was that Alex got to see her best friend. They were coming to the end of language training but haven't left yet and we were able to get them together for a play date. After some initial shyness they remembered their deep and old friendship and played happily.

The mom made a comment to me about how happy she was that we were able to get together, and that it is important for our kids to have "childhood friends" but with this lifestyle that's pretty hard to keep up. I had never thought of it that way.

A different friend told me, after our kids/families had met up in a couple of different countries, that she wanted her children to know there were other kids like them, growing up here and there, and that friendships can last beyond the time you live in the same place. As we make our plans to meet up in yet one more "new" place this week, and as my children are about to settle for a couple of years in a "normal" USA town/life/routine, I wonder how they will look back on their childhoods and whether in adulthood they will have friends who knew them now.

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