Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This vs. That

Last week Terry had training in Portugal. He did this:
Some beautiful building on the water
 Some beautiful monument on the water
A seagull eating a rat. Notice the water flows, as in it isn't ice

Ah, wine

Meanwhile, I was home with 2 kids who had just gotten over Daddy's last trip. Alex had all the medical issues going on. We did this:
Yep I let Zoltan have the camera. Heck, Terry doesn't like it (camera) anyway.
 They gave him that lollypop free. Alex's was red.
That sign says "Happy Phone" above the seafoam green telephone
 Playground at the detsky sad when we went to pick Alex up after our special day together
 Of course, Alex and I had to hit the same cafe on our special day.
 The tea here is amazing. And comes with a little cookie.
 Super heroes duking it out

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MOM said...

Lollipop - huge cookie (with pink cream) - I want to have a "special day" with you!!!!