Saturday, March 23, 2013

Here we go again

322 days ago, this happened.

Today, Zoltan and I were playing in my room.We were pretending to sleep in my bed with 2 stuffed animals who were not doing a very good job of sleeping. Alex came in and perched at the foot of the bed. Too close to foot of the bed, apparently, because she soon rolled off the bed onto the carpeted floor. Cue up the screaming and crying. And holding her hand. And actual tears.

I started to feel nauseated.  Isn't she going through enough right now medically?

Got ice on the arm, got her watching TV to calm down and give it some time. Maybe we're wrong about this. And it is Saturday afternoon and Terry's not here.

When she said she wanted to go get an x-ray like last time my heart sank. Called the Consulate doc, called our upstairs neighbor to see if they could keep Z til Terry got home and we watched another show to distract her til it was time to go.

I was standing in the technician room with the doctor while Alex was in the other room getting the x-ray. I could see myself that damned black line crossing both bones in her lower arm. Here we go again ...


Unknown said...

Oh no!!! Poor Alex. I vote she gets ice cream for breakfast to make it all better

MOM said...

Lots of hugs and kisses from Bubby
I also second that vote!!!