Friday, November 23, 2012

More on the foreign service child

A conversation that happened this morning:
Zoltan: Daddy went to the store
Me: Right
Z: And we're going to go on the bus, then the taxi, then the airplane
Me: You mean, for pretend?
Z: NO, for real.
Me: Honey, we aren't going on an airplane for real for 3 months
Z: You mean three, then two, then one? Days?
Me: No honey, months not days


Dani said...

Too cute!! I love the warped sense of travel perspective FS kids have. The older (older being like 6) kids on the playground always love coming up and talking to me and they have such a funny nonchalant way of talking about the dozens of places they've been and lived. what an extraordinary experience these kids have.

Lynne said...

Dani, I agree that these kids - especially the really young ones - have such a unique worldview compared to their peers. One of the things I love best about the FS!

Just US said...

Sounds like the conversations we have at our house. When the two youngest ones are playing, I often hear, "we will get on an airplane and go to Grammie's house".