Saturday, September 15, 2012

The worst part of flying - airlines!

I just tried to check in online for tomorrow's flight. Our reservation is through Lufthansa but the first leg - the long haul - is USAir. I first tried Lufthansa. They can't check me in because their leg is more than 23 hours away. I call USAir. They can't check me in because I changed my flights last week and they see that Lufthansa appended our original Lufthansa leg to the reservation (so there are 2 Frankfurt-Piter flights) and I need to tell Lufthansa to cancel the original leg so only the new one is in the system, then I will be able to check in.

I call Lufthansa again and report my frustration. Their reply? The original leg is cancelled and nowhere in their system. Also I can't check in for their leg anyway (more than 23 hours away) so USAir shouldn't be bothering with the Lufthansa leg and be happy to check me in for the first - USAir - leg.

Hey Airlines! If you are going to code share with each other and pretend you are so close, TALK THE @O*&^#(*!@# TO EACH OTHER.

My money is that the USAir people were just making stuff up, they saw they couldn't check me in for the Lufthansa leg and made up a reason for it. I guess I've just added something to my "morning before the flight" to do list.

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